Hiking, Friends and Sisters

Meditation and LifeBreath


Canoeing and Kayaking

Powerful!    Life-Changing!    Transformational!    Freedom!    Joy!   Peace!

Zumba and Aqua Zumba

Nature   Sisterhood  Wellness  Fun

Lots of Fun, Lots of Mother-Daughter time

Mainely Women 2016 Rocked!

 Drumming and Inanna

Yoga    Zumba    Aqua Zumba   Drumming   Jewelry Making    Tai Chi   Chakra Dance    Pilates    Cardio/Strength    Meditation    LifeBreath   Tweak  

Life Readings, Sound Healing, Massages,  Reiki, LifeBreath, Polarity



Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday schedule of events.

Hotel Reservations will be a separate reservation and charge.

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Mainely Women

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Sound Healing, Chakra Meditation, and Reiki

Fitness classes

Wellness Classes

Great food and R&R